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Co-Ed Pick-Up Futsal

Friday Nights 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Memorial Middle School


Come Alone or With a Friend

Each night, teams will be formed from the people who show up. Come with a friend, or come alone - it doesn't matter. You'll be put on a team no matter what. Teams will be divided up with an effort to create equally-matched teams for competitive games. So, if you come with a friend, be prepared to plan with or against your buddy. 

Rules & Info

  • Small-sided games (3 v 3; 4 v 4; 5 v 5)

  • Teams will be divided with an effort for equally-matched teams to maximize competition

  • Teams will be co-ed

  • No slide tackling

  • Goal size will depend on number of players.

  • No goalies, unless two or more goalies show up. If so, then larger goals will be used with goalies.

  • Must wear proper shoes (running shoes, indoor soccer shoes, tennis shoes, cross-trainers, etc). No boots, no cleats. Turf shoes are fine.

  • Running tally of goals scored will be kept, nightly champion will be declared.

  • All restarts are from the ground (no throw-ins).

  • All players must be in high school or older (competitive middle schoolers can play with prior approval).

Competitive Games - Nightly Champion

Each week, the available players will be divided into teams, with an effort made to create equally-matched teams for the most competitive games possible. Small team sizes (4 v 4; 5 v 5) are preferred, with multiple 5-minute games. Play for 10 minutes, sit for 5, with constant game-play for two hours. A running tally of goals scored will be kept, and a champion crowned each week. Bragging rights are on the line, but they are short-lived - new teams are formed each week. 

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